Our Process

We are a company with leading professionals whose impressive experiences demonstrate a clear understanding what businesses today are faced with: “The challenge of handing the ever changing landscape of an intricate and competitive industries. It’s quite competitive for businesses today to stay on the cutting edge of technology to create and implement the tools necessary to compete and succeed.

Our Vision

Not “To become the number one Information Technology Solution Provider Globally” but to benefit our customers through providing the right solutions.


Our Mission

IT Developer’s mission is to deliver advanced Custom Web Solutions and Services that lead to rapid and lasting return on investment.


Our Values

Our Hallmark of Integrity is the cornerstone of every business decision we make. We are committed to:

  • Simplicity , in that our processes are clear, well defined, and tied to your business objectives.
  • Transparency , in that 24/7 access, tracking, and communications safeguard our commitment to total customer satisfaction.
  • Accountability , in that the people who manage the processes are judged by the results.
  • Trust , in that the promised results are consistently delivered.

Our Differentiators

>   Tested and Proven outsource model – Quality delivered within budget and on time
>  Weekly Score-card with up to date information on the project health and subscription based developer dashboard.
>  Our most used Fixed Cost pricing model brings predictable cost to the client
>  State of the art information technology infrastructure